Almond Flour Biscuits

My two favorite words when it comes to cooking might just be easy & cheesy, and good news, these Cheesy Almond Flour Biscuits are both. Keto can be time consuming and requires a lot of planning and prep work, but those of you who have started know it is well worth it. Now that I am fully adjusted to the diet, I rarely crave sweets or bread, but I of course have those days where no amount of cauli-anything is satisfying. My sweet southern husband who was brave enough to join me on Keto constantly had me laughing when he started…how many carbs are in fried chicken? in biscuits? in (insert delicious southern food here)?

So, I obviously took to the internet to figure out how to make keto friendly biscuits. There are a ton of great recipes on Pinterest for a Ketogenic diet, and a lot of variations on biscuits. On the night I made these, I had already made Chicken and Shrimp Cauliflower Fried Rice for dinner, meal prepped for lunches, and made Berry Cheesecake Fat Bombs for desert…needless to say I did not want to spend much more time in the kitchen that night, but we really wanted these so I went for the most streamlined interpretation of the recipes I found on Pinterest, with the ingredients I already had on hand. These might as well be called lazy girl biscuits.



You’ll need:

1 1/2 cup Almond Flour

1 1/2 tsp Baking Flour

1/4 tsp Salt (I use Celtic Sea Salt or Pink Himalayan – your call)

1/4 tsp Black Pepper

1/2 cup Shredded Cheddar (I had Triple Cheddar on hand, so that’s what went in. Mozzarella would also be good here!)

1/4 cup Heavy Cream

3 tbsp diced cold butter

1 egg

Make your biscuits:

  • Preheat your oven to 350 degrees
  • Mix Almond Flour, Salt, Pepper, and Baking Powder together for your dry mix. I use my KitchenAid for everything, but hand mixing is fine here too.
  • Cube your cold butter into small chunks, and add to dry mix. Mix butter into mix to create a crumby dough base. If you’re using a stand mixer, start slow to prevent your almond flour from covering your entire kitchen 🙂 If you’re mixing by hand, use a rubber spatula to mash the butter.
  • Create a well in the middle of your bowl and add your wet ingredients – the egg and cream.
  • Mix on low and stop mixing once fully incorporated – if you over mix, these will get super dense and nobody wants a brick-biscuit.
  • Fold in your cheese of choice
  • Scoop dough into nonstick muffin tin (or spray with coconut oil). I did not roll or shape mine, but rather dropped them in. We’re sticking with the lazy theme on these bad boys.
  • Bake for 20 minutes

IMG_1265 (1)

This will make 6 average sized biscuits, but adjust your batter and time if you want bigger/smaller biscuits. For 6 biscuits, this breaks down into about 7g of Carbs and 3g of Fiber, bringing you in to just 4 net carbs per biscuit. These would also make a great breakfast or lunch sandwich bread!


Next time, I’ll probably add some garlic powder into the dry ingredients for these as well, YUM! I pulled these out of the oven and slapped a big pad of kerrygold grassfed butter on top while they were still hot. I was surprised at how good these came out, and how completely filling and satisfying they are! 1 biscuit with kerrygold is easily enough for breakfast, or with a small bowl of keto chili for lunch. Or with a fried egg. You get the idea.

These are definitely a new go-to in our house and I can’t wait to make them again! If you make these, let me know how yours turn out. Am I crazy for wanting to make a “sweet” version of these with cinnamon? Probably safe to say that will be coming soon 🙂




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