Beauty Goals: The May Play! by Sephora Box

Let’s go ahead and call May’s Play! box the “better late than never” review…we have been non-stop since early May and with an upcoming move to the ‘burbs (never thought I’d be so excited!), there’s really no slowing down for us until August. While I’m tightening up my schedule to try to prioritize some fun projects I’m working on and posts I have in the works, I wanted to play a little catch-up on my Play! reviews for last month and the June box.

May’s box featured cult-level favorites to celebrate Play!’s two year anniversary. Some I have tried and love, some were new and completely loveable, and some were not worth the hype IMO. Let’s take a look at the good, bad, and…annoying?



  1. Marc Jacobs Beauty Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara in Noir (Full Size:$26.00) It’s no secret that I have recently and unapologetically become obsessed with mascaras, lash boosters, and lash primers. I have been fighting off the urge to get lash extensions for almost a year now, and while I think I will inevitably end up with them (especially if kids are in our future – the easiest and quickest way to look awake and ready with no effort!), I’m not quite ready to take the plunge. The good news is through all my trial and error, my lashes have never been longer or healthier, and I’ve found some great mascaras in the process. This Marc Jacobs mascara is gorgeous, and has a beautifully rich velvet finish with no-clumps. It is extremely thickening and luxe, and has great wear. While I prefer thinner, comb like brushes, this wand is thicker and fluffy; if that is your preferred wand, this is absolutely worth going for the full size.
  2. Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper (Full Size: $20)  I have yet to have a less than stellar experience with any Kat Von D products, and this cult-classic liquid eyeliner holds true to my high standards with her line. This is widely popular for a reason: the felt tip makes for super easy application, it is extremely long wearing, and pitch black. Whether your an exaggerated winged-liner kind of gal or a reserved, tightlined minimalist, this liner is sure to please.
  3. Benefit Cosmetics The POREfessional Face Primer (Full Size: $31) The Play! boxes tend to be a bit primer-heavy, which I know for some can be a little frustrating. This primer is well-known and well-loved, and truly is a great staple product if you’re looking for a full size everyday go-to. I have oily skin and larger pores around my t-zone, so this product really does help to combat the shine and create a smooth matte finish that for the most part lasts throughout the day. Great product, but I do wish Play! would take it easy on new primers every month…when you have a go to full-size, the samples do a lot more sitting around than actually being used.
  4. Sephora Collection Mud Mask Purifying & Mattifying (Full Size: $20) This “detoxifying mud mask that clarifies skin with zinc and copper” is truly a great product if you have oily skin/larger pores. The Play! boxes have honestly been killing it as far as matching my skin/hair concerns and feel almost personalized, which I love and still can’t believe only costs $10 a month. This is a great mask with results even after just one time. Is it acceptable to have a face mask on while at the office? No? Are we sure? Can that be a new thing?
  5. Drybar Detox Dry Shampoo (Full Size: $23) After hearing rave reviews on this dry shampoo for such a long time, I was really excited to finally give it a try and fully expected to love it. I love dry shampoos and use daily. However, this was honestly such a letdown for me! The smell to me is completely overpowering and not appealing to me at all – it has almost a musky, manly, chemical smell to me and reminded me of a men’s body spray. Compared to my go to NYM dry shampoo (which is also about a quarter of the price), there wasn’t great volume or body, and I was underwhelmed with the finish, along with totally overwhelmed by the smell. After using I seriously could not get over the smell and had to hop in the shower to wash my hair. Overall this was a total miss for me, but I’m happy I was able to try the sample size instead of trying a big bottle like I almost did!

This Month’s Bonus: Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium (Full Size: $91) Let’s start with the good: this scent is super luxe, sexy, feminine yet strong and overall I totally get the hype. Again, it’s not going to replace my go-to, but it’s a great scent. However the bad (and as mentioned above downright annoying) is this borderline comical sample sized bottle and design! This is by far the smallest sample size I’ve seen out of any fragrance sample, and the design is so poor that I wasted the product itself. The top is a pop-off and not resealable, so after some time struggling to even open, I spilled a good bit on my hands and threw away the rest to make sure it didn’t spill anywhere else. Super wasteful and might as well have been a paper-fragrance sample.

May Total: $211

While there were some hits and definitely some misses in this month’s box, I thought it was a great box for those who wanted to try some cult-classics if you haven’t already. Are any of these products favorites of yours? Let me know below!



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