These are a Few of my Favorite (Keto) Things

After a long holiday weekend filled with lots of eating + drinking whatever I wanted, I am so completely ready to hit restart on Keto and get back into my normal routine. While I love doing Keto and rarely get bored of making new recipes and combinations to stick to no grains or sugars, I’m in the bad habit of cycling on and off the diet based around trips/vacations/events we have planned. I’m really determined to stick to it without a clear cut end date in mind, and am stocking up my kitchen for the long haul and a clean, healthy summer.

Sticking to a Keto/LCHF diet isn’t hard, if you stock up on the items that help pull you through on even the busiest of days. For those days (sometimes weeks) where you don’t meal prep & grocery shop, it can feel impossible to stick to Keto without feeling like you’re aimlessly looking for food all the time, or living off of grab-and-go salads. There are so many products I’ve found that significantly make my days avoiding carbs easier, either on their own or to add to my kitchen arsenal. I find myself constantly telling others about these products and really rely on them to stick to eating clean, and can’t wait to pull this list together AND hopefully keep adding to it as I find those lifesaver items.

Here are my absolute favorite, always on hand items, and some helpful parings/uses for them!

These are a few of my Favorite (Keto) Things

cold brew

EAS AdvantEDGE Carb Control Protein Shakes: Cold Brew Coffee Flavor

On any given day, chances are you can find one of these in my hand, cup holder, or purse, and I may have already talked your ear off on how obsessed I am with them. These protein drinks are my absolute must have item – whether I’m eating clean or not. All of the flavors of these AdvantEdge Crab Control drinks are yummy (Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate), but I am obsessed with the cold brew coffee flavor. These drinks have NO sugar, 17g of protein, and are only 100 calories per shake – making them an amazing breakfast to tide you over until lunch, or mid-afternoon pick me up when you get a little hungry and are tempted to snack. Plus they do contain caffeine (as much as a cup of coffee; nothing crazy), which helps curb my appetite even more and gives me the boost I want. I drink one of these on my way into work in the morning or at the office in the afternoon so I can leave work and go on a run without immediately wanting dinner. If you are a coffee fan or cold brew obsessed like me, you’ll love these! They are best really cold, so keep them in the fridge or pour over ice.

Where to get them: Target does carry EAS protein drinks, however my local target does not carry the cold brew flavor (I obsessively check every time I go and it’s a let down every time). Check your local store and hopefully you’re lucky enough to have them there. You can get the cold brew flavor at Walmart or Amazon.


Quest Bars

Quest Bars are my protein bar of choice, as they are packed with protein, have a ton of fiber to bring the net carbs down to a really low amount, and most flavors have little to no sugars. With these you still will need to check the nutrition label for each flavor you try, as some are higher in carbs and sugars than others (mainly any of the chocolate flavors). These are very filling so I like to eat half in the morning and half in the afternoon if I need. My favorite is the cookies and cream, but I’ll let you in on a little secret…flavors like the Blueberry Muffin or Cinnamon Roll are SO GOOD if you pop them in the microwave for around 15-30 seconds! Make sure to remove the wrapper and place on a plate (it will most likely stick if you put it on a paper towel), and zap away. They really do taste like a desert treat and are so much healthier for you!

Where to get them: Luckily over the years I’ve noticed that you can find these EVERYWHERE. Target, Walmart, GNC, Amazon, Trader Joes, Publix, etc.


Torani Sugar-Free Syrups

These Sugar-Free flavored syrups are such a staple item in my kitchen and truly make cutting out sugar easy. I love using in my coffee and the flavors really do combine and layer in together well so you can get creative with your favorite combinations (a splash of Vanilla, Caramel, and Hazelnut in coffee is divine). I also use these in cold keto-friendly deserts like cheesecakes or fat bombs. I really, really wish these were sweetened with Stevia, as the sweetener is Splenda and I try to avoid artificial sweeteners, however I can’t complain because they are all so good. They sell large bottles (like what you would find at starbucks), or have smaller bottles so you can try flavors without committing to a giant bottle.

Where to get them: My favorite place to get these is kind of unexpected – it’s World Market! If you have a Cost Plus World Market near you you’ve probably explored their fun grocery section, and they have by far the best assortment of flavors and sizes of these that I’ve ever seen. They are also really well priced at World Market. You can also find these on Amazon, and I’ve found them at Kroger. Unfortunately Publix doesn’t carry them but I hope they start to; they are just too good not to have on hand!


Trader Joes Organic Liquid Stevia

While we’re talking about sweeteners, I couldn’t skip over my favorite – Trader Joes Liquid Stevia. This dropper style is my favorite because it is super concentrated and you only need a couple drops to sweeten anything you may be using it for. I keep a bottle in my purse to add to coffee/tea when I’m out, and a bottle at home. It’s also much more affordable than some of the other glass bottle dropper-style stevia brands. One bottle lasts me a long time and I really do enjoy the taste. It isn’t as bitter as some other stevias (especially powders), so even if you are new to using Stevia this is a great one to start with to get used to the slightly different taste than traditional sugar.

Where to get it: Trader Joes, in the Sweetener/Baking section

Cheese Crisps

Cheese crisps act as a keto-friendly chip alternative and are perfect for dipping. I love the Whisps brand and Trader Joes Cheese bites! I always keep these on hand as they are packed with protein and can totally be a full meal if paired with a keto-friendly dip like pimento cheese dip, chicken salad, a sour cream based dip, etc.

Where to get them: I stock up at Trader Joes when I can find them (they sell out FAST), otherwise you can find these at Walmart, Costco, Amazon, and Starbucks regularly carries the Cheddar Flavored Moon Cheese in their chip section.


Silicone Donut Pan

This Amazon find is a game changer – this silicone pan easily creates Donuts OR Bagels using your favorite keto-friendly recipes! Use Almond or Coconut Flour for delicious gluten free goodness that feels like you’re eating the real thing. I’m working on recipes to share using this pan, but pair this with the amazing Trader Joes Everything but the Bagel seasoning for super good grain-free Everything Bagels!

Where to get them: Find them on Amazon here

These products are perfect to add in to your normal keto meal prep to make things easy and satisfying. Have any of your favorite items you want to share or love any of these, too? Drop a comment below!


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